Upcoming Events
This list is visible to give an idea of the type of Sessions we offer live. (There are many more on the App.) Click the event to see its description. You can't book a Session from this page. After competing the Cannabis Course, your user menu will show a similar list that allows you to book.

Live Sessions

While our App provides guided in-home Sessions at any time of the day or night, you may prefer a scheduled Session with a live guide, either one-one-one or in a group.  Here you have two options, live Zoom Sessions or in-person Sessions at our Vancouver Studio.

Below is list of all our upcoming Zoom and Studio Sessions. Both Sessions usually occur at the same time because we live stream the guide from the Studio Session to Zoom. (The Studio participants are not visible).

Both Zoom and Studio live Sessions are available after you have completed the Cannabis Course. A link will then appear in your user menu to a Sessions list that allows you to buy a ticket to the Zoom or Studio Session. You can purchase Session tickets either one-by-one or in a package.


If you are in or near Vancouver, we highly recommend the Studio Sessions, but we understand that most of our audience lives beyond Vancouver and will prefer the Zoom option (at least until we have a Studio in their neighborhood!)

No upcoming events at the moment