Closer Connections

Go deeper in your relationships with friends, lovers, or partners. Cannabis enhances the bonding process. Length: 60-90 minutes

Summary: A process to connect more authentically than we normally do.

Participants Qualified members. For groups of two or more.

Activities (each guided by an audio track) Synchronized breathing Authentic Talk More feelings, less thoughts Active Listening Asking questions More Authentic Talk

Why do it? Connecting authentically is rare but feels really good.

Supplies: Ritual opening items, one or more of: candles, incense, smudge stick, meditation bell Preparation Schedule the event with the other qualified members

Cannabis consumption schedule This Session requires you be at H3 at or near the start and throughout the Session Options: 1) Recommended: inhale at start 2) Pre-ingest edible and wait 45 minutes

Session Access To access our app, first Register at the site (via the link in the page header, above), then take the Cannabis Course, and then Subscribe to the App. Thanks! The link below works only for members who have done that.

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