Sexy Date Night

A date night you will never forget! For straight couples. Get ready for hot sex!

Length: 60-90 minutes


Break your lovemaking patterns. Follow this gradual build-up of intimacy to intensely passionate sex. Participants

Loving couples. Not recommended for couples in conflict.

Activities (each guided by an audio track)



Breath Connect

Tender Fingers

Eye Gaze


Savoring Drinks

Savoring Fruit

Creative Kissing

Genital Touch

Oral Sex



Check-in and Close

Why do it?

Reset your erotic relationship. Enjoy giving and receiving. Luxuriate in extended pleasure. Feel more, think less.


Two small quantities (a couple of mouthfuls max) in two different glasses, of two different beverages such as wine or beer or exotic juice that both of you would like to sample

Two pieces of different fruit

Condoms (if necessary)

Lubricant (if necessary)

Ritual opening items, one or more of: candles, incense, smudge stick, meditation bell


Pre-heat Session Room

Bathe immediately before start

Cannabis consumption schedule

This Session requires you be at H3 at or near the start and throughout the Session


1) Pre-ingest edible and wait 45 minutes

2) No pre-ingest: a) eat and inhale after the start

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