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We use cannabis as a tool of joyful transformation. This differs radically from recreational and medicinal uses of the plant and requires special skills that our online Cannabis Course provides.


Our use of carefully calibrated doses of cannabis occurs in guided Sessions, which involve a wide range of rewarding activities, from wine tasting to music appreciation, deep relaxation to couples’ connection, nature contact to creative movement. The combination of such uplifting behaviors, plus cannabis, plus the mindful focus that our guides encourage, all supercharge the positive impact of the event. Our participants report that their Sessions deliver some of the most meaningful and memorable moments of their lives.



Our Sessions range from 1 to 6 hours and are of three types:

Delight Sessions (0.5-1.5) focusing on specific activities within one of four themes: Sensory Savoring, Interpersonal Connection, Introspection, and Creativity. 


Depth Sessions (1-2 hours) combining several of the four themes just mentioned

Journey Sessions (4-6 hours) focus on deep introspection, breathwork, reflection, and toward the end of the day, connection. For people wanting to work with other psychedelic compounds, a Journey Session is an excellent introduction. 

We recommend attending several Delight Sessions before doing a Depth Session, and then doing several of those before a Journey Session.

You can do a Session in the privacy of your home via our DIY App or guided Zoom Sessions. Or you can attend our in-person Sessions in Vancouver.

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Once you have completed the Cannabis Course you will receive an online badge that entitles you to download the DIY APP or attend our live Sessions. The Course is valuable even if you never do a Session. 

To take the Course you need to sign up as a member, which includes agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

For background on our approach, see the FAQs or the first chapter of Cannabis The New Way.

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Attention all groups: (firms, clubs, teams, support groups)
We offer customized events to help your group bond, be more creative, and grow happier. Please inquire.


Want individual attention?
We also do 1-on-1 events. Please inquire.

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